Our First Car Meet of 2017
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DIPR: Museum of Transportation Meet

Last week, we attended to our friends ‘Drive in Puerto Rico’ car meet that they hosted in the Museum of Transportation in Guaynabo. The turnout was pretty badass, mainly consisting of American cars and Europeans, but there was a small piece of Japanese action there.

(Photo courtesy of Jean)

I meetup with my good friends Jean & Angel, to head out together to the meet location. It was a short 30 minutes drive to there including the traffic jams and tolls.

We arrived safe and sound. Alot of cops during the way there, but luckily none of us got pulled over. None of our cars didn’t have any problems, which I was surprised about, especially on the S13.

(Photo courtesy of AJ Photography)

When we arrived, there was alot of Japanese vehicles, over 20+ I was very surprised since most car meets here are flooded with USDM/EDM cars. We walked around to see all the cars and met up with our friend Walter (Owner of @CarsOfPuertoRico) and his white 2006 Subaru WRX STi Project Togepi, which is probably my favorite STi here on the island. Car will be featured more here in the upcoming weeks, patiently waiting for a tune so it can be driven hard and far.

Here’s an STi that caught my eye, it was parked away from the others. I don’t know any information on this one, never met the owner. But, it looks pretty clean and stock. Atleast on the outside.

I kept walking looking at the other cars, when I spotted my friend Christian beautiful Z32. One of the cleanest and coolest Z32’s here. This will also be featured on here!

Next to it, it was my buddies Carlos Z34. Very sick, and it gets driven hard at the track, how its supposed to be.

After walking around the parking lot, I found this awesome Porsche 911 Carrera S with some BBS LM’s. Insanely beautiful combination. One of the Highlights of the meets, in my opinion.

Me and my friends decided to walk to the entrance of the museum, were the exotic cars were being displayed and some Corvettes. I don’t really enjoy taking pictures of exotic cars anymore, so I left my camera in the car. When we got there, a Miata  rolled up, you know I had to go back and take a picture!

It isn’t the prettiest, but c’mon… It’s a damn Miata! Owner was pretty cool too!

As time flies by, I had to leave sadly… On the way out, a Huracan decided to join me. We cruised for a short 17 minutes before parting different ways on the upcoming exit on the highway.

On the way back home I had to stop to get some fuel and needed to take a piss. Also took a typical fuel station picture.

40-50 minutes later, I got home safe. This will be the end of the Blog, nothing interesting really happened after. Apart from me editing this pictures. So, yeah. Cya on the next one!