Pandem Mazda Miata
Horizon Winter Drift Matsuri

A new Pandem Miata was spotted around Los Santos earlier this week, so we decided to get in contact with the owner so we could shoot some photos of the car. After a couple of days waiting the owner got back to us and agreed to the Photo shoot. The new kit is one of my personal favourite Rocket Bunny/Pandem kits that they have released as they are less common and look so sick, the kit includes some wide fenders that bolt onto the arches making the car look so aggressive, the over fenders add +50mm to the front and +80mm to the rear allowing very aggressive offset.  The kit has one of the nicest ducktail wings that is on offer for the Mazda Miata, and one of the most unique front lips separating it from the generic ones you see all the time on Miatas. The guy also added a rx7 style rear diffuser and some nice side skirts to finish it off. The thing that completed the whole car was the Hoshino Racing Impul G5 wheels that were modified to fit the crazy offset the Rocket bunny fenders offered. Now here are the photos I got from the shoot, hope you enjoy!







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